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Meet the team behind CakePHP

Larry Masters


Mark Story

Lead Developer

José Lorenzo Rodríguez (Lorenzo/Jose_Zap)

ORM Developer

Jose Diaz-Gonzalez (Savant)

Core Member

Admad (Admad)

Core Member

Bryan Crowe (Beakman)

Core Member

Florian Kramer (Burzum)

Core Member

Mark Scherer (Dereuromark)

Core Member

Christian Winther (Jippi)

Core Member

Walther Lalk (Dakota)

Core Member

Juan Basso (jrbasso)

Core Member

Kurita Takashi

Core Member

Megan Lalk

CakePHP Community Manager

Rachman Chavik (rchavik)

Core Member

Mathew Foscarini (thinkingmedia)

Core Member

Sharing the cake.

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