CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.7.4

  • 5c78a61 Update version number to 3.7.4
  • 6462dba Fix syntax error
  • d95be34 Make optional dependency more clear.
  • ba8259a Fix CS.
  • 76659e2 Added missing mixin for QueryExpression.
  • 26fb5bc Added missing mixin for Paginator.
  • 6dcabd2 Remove noise docblock annotations.
  • 73ee9ed Improve error messages when persistence fails
  • 906b2fe Fix warnings on complex keys
  • e35e064 Add Mail method annotation
  • 30f666a Revert order; check specifically for phpunit
  • 4974a64 Reverse order of arguments so user-specified PHP_SELF takes precedence