CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.7.3

  • b0b9a37 Update version number to 3.7.3
  • 3c79905 Cake\I18n\Time toQuarter() update tests
  • 7474303 Add @throws
  • c36e102 Fix docblock on ORM/Table.php
  • 7dc413c Cake\I18n\Time toQuarter() change location Int cast
  • 83498a5 Cake\I18n\Time toQuarter() return Int
  • 498c15f Fix docblocks.
  • cb52fe2 Remove deprecated tag.
  • da22c96 Add test case for ConsoleInput::dataAvailable().
  • 0a72db4 Clean up class names
  • 98a46df Add previous exception trace in BaseErrorHandler logging
  • 45b5031 Fix invalid method calls.
  • 40c752c memcached is now available on PHP 7.3.
  • 310ef2d Add link to cookbook section for SecurityHeaders
  • 8851207 Fix missing deprecation docs
  • 03580bd Fix variable name to prevent type warning in IDE
  • 1f92799 correct PhpDoc for Collection stopWhen()
  • 27a58b3 State deprecation version.
  • 8a41e84 Explain unusual parent call
  • b0d08f0 Use validator for prefer-lowest.
  • b9704dc Fix composer update command.
  • 62aa65e Fix phpstan
  • 4dd042d Update .travis.yml
  • 9650b27 Update .travis.yml
  • 4851069 Include prefer lowest and simplify checks
  • 40cd2d9 Add string|array|null typehint for data
  • b4dc9c9 Add callable typehint to `or_` query expression
  • 6d779de Add callable typehint to `and_` query expression