CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.7.0-RC3

  • 4d6d30a Update version number to 3.7.0-RC3
  • 41cd064 Test with SQLite first to get first results faster
  • e56683d Adjusted assertions to match NullEngine::write() returned value
  • 6b63831 Cache's NullEngine::write() method will now return `true`, this in effect will comply with parent abstract method's return type declaration.
  • d7a9772 Consolidate paths.
  • 0cd21ef Consolidate path display
  • 98aafb4 Use an associative array to improve readability
  • 6ec01eb Fix typo
  • bee87a5 Revert mistake made in merge
  • 33dcddf add missing namespace
  • ebeb631 Try to fix codecov builds
  • 40a6201 Fix return type to match documentation
  • d1d3f46 Use static instead of self.
  • ed45089 Add ArrayCache engine
  • abbdf03 Fix docblocks
  • 702be9d Also include trace for previous exceptions
  • 1604706 Fix return type in of `countBy` @method annotation in Query
  • 96dd7a2 Add `@since` annotations.
  • 3fc1f94 Rename method.
  • 19457c2 Typos
  • deecfd4 Don't support array values in new methods.
  • ba61d35 Improve test cases
  • 6a35b92 Improve wording in doc blocks.
  • c2a5f04 Add more doc comments
  • 408b3ff Add more test cases
  • 2d48891 Add allowEmptyByFlags() and type-specific allowEmpty*() methods