CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.7.0

  • 56f2d2a Update version number to 3.7.0
  • 9a26183 Add test for #12766
  • 4ce123c Update version number to 3.6.14
  • 41e9b48 Remove spare newlines
  • be80585 Fix doc blocks
  • 3af5088 Ensure max lenght is non null.
  • a3a3141 Simplify code.
  • 3d3d77f Form Helper maxlength attribute uses validation
  • 7a92276 Get just the header_size instead of all curl options
  • 30a47be Fix deprecation warning.
  • 1cb44d4 Fix tests to work with 3.7
  • 7a26326 trigger build
  • a2fa18f fix comments
  • dc3655d fix cs
  • 0b6686d add verbose messages when exceptions could affect assertions
  • 1a46ad9 Fix getFinder() return type
  • 17f75bb Fix Association::$finder type
  • 09a9875 Run cache tests when collecting coverage
  • 9b48a65 Add deprecation warning for routing middleware
  • 22f82f5 Fix incorrect alias name on joined associations
  • ac4eb33 Fix grammar in Memcached Engine comment
  • b8789cd Fix another typo in Memcached engine comments
  • c8eee74 Update Memcached engine description
  • 172cbc9 Adjustments as per code review.
  • af446e8 Add Client/Response::getStringBody().
  • ef930ed Fix test case
  • ac1005b Add test cases for Paginator and default order merging.
  • f3c89fc Add test case for default sort fallback.
  • 71cc8a2 Fix test
  • 952683f Fix paginator for falling back to default sort.
  • 2f56d07 Remove magic getters for protected properties of Client/Response.
  • 79cc421 Deprecate magic getter for Client/Response::$code.