CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.6.7

  • 9a67c9d Update version number to 3.6.7
  • 15c0890 Fix typo on Table save() function documentation demo
  • a6501f7 missing plugin error with new plugin way
  • 9689c99 Explain shortcut
  • cc76f51 Display help text for a subcommand when no parser is defined.
  • cc26928 Improve deprecation error.
  • cb608f1 Micro-opt and return type fix.
  • 7a20e8b Add an exception when datefmt_create fails.
  • 3a90517 Fix match() not enabling multibyte patterns.
  • 1c899b5 Don't blow up client operations when we get invalid cookies.
  • 96e6305 add direction:ltr into Debugger::printVar()
  • bdd5170 Corrected annotation for Debugger::exportVar() method.
  • 0dc1d7a MultiCheckboxWidget should use checkboxWrapper, not radioWrapper.
  • 656ce40 Php Inspections (EA Ultimate): partial revert
  • 5e622b2 Php Inspections (EA Ultimate): restore original semantics
  • c09b9c2 Php Inspections (EA Ultimate): simplified a touched code fragment
  • b991c2c Php Inspections (EA Ultimate): minor code tweaks
  • acc1133 Add a test for #12295
  • 6c0d8df Handle data attachments without warnings.
  • 703b486 Load cakephp-plugins when searching paths.
  • f8fb7b6 Clarify configuration options for CsrfProtectionMiddleware
  • 55ee598 Fixed issue #12295 -
  • 4279295 Ignore invalid expires attributes in cookies.
  • 339c3a9 Restrict phpstan to 0.9.x
  • 135d24a Make config deprecation error message more helpful
  • 6fbe2a0 Fix backtick