CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.6.6

  • 9cad3bb Update version number to 3.6.6
  • 11a652d Replace deprecated 'fieldList' with 'fields' in phpdoc
  • 78ab885 Don't set testNow on all the things.
  • 7a4ca21 Show deprecated message only if session handler found in Network/Session namespace
  • bbe479d Move plugin configuration file loading to PluginCollection
  • 7ceefd9 Use Plugin::load() when creating classless plugins.
  • a96e902 Remove unused group tag.
  • 0134d7e Fix `BreadcrumbsHelper` property annotation.
  • f3d0f4b Fix nested validator error message merging.
  • 1799a05 Updated test
  • 4d529df Set errors with array_replace instead of array_merge
  • 8d4b653 Convert command objects to class name strings for HelpCommand output.
  • 2540362 Adjust for setDirty defaulting to true.
  • 9dd1b9b Use setDirty(field) as true by default as the name suggest.
  • d8bba8b Fix duplicate route errors when using loadPlugin()
  • 27fbaac Make TranslateBehavior use the same locator as AssociationCollection.
  • 93f73c5 Dynamically create plugin instances
  • f6d0682 Create TableFindByPropertyMethodReflection.php
  • e96e50f add findByXxx method recognition
  • d3124b1 Fixing style errors.
  • 382273f Add test for save many with exceptions
  • ba4e523 Fixes issue with saveMany and exceptions
  • d50b557 Fix fetchAll(obj) only getting one record.
  • 880349a Don't lowercase cookie names in the id
  • 9d2b24e Fix incorrect staticPath() generation for brace style routes.
  • 2482145 Fix incorrect examples.
  • 056d2be Casting false to '0'
  • 463c171 Remove ORM return types from QueryCacher and QueryTrait.
  • dbaea0a Remove ORM return types from RepositoryInterface.
  • 91ba547 Returning early if data looks like a file array
  • 9e74601 Casting all integration test data to string
  • 6658616 Remove uneeded "use" statements.