CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.5.8

  • ec1e3d7 Update version number to 3.5.8
  • c54f917 Fix doc blocks
  • a7912ac Try using phpdbg to speed up coverage build.
  • 57f9670 Update .mailmap
  • 248bb55 Remove unneeded PHP7ErrorException instance check.
  • 0a3e4d3 Add missing "use" statement.
  • 9dbdfd5 Client isOk() judged between 200 and 204.
  • 18e5350 Add test for PHP7's Error.
  • 4951149 Also adjust logging similar to BaseErrorHandler.
  • 829778d Fix doc block.
  • 8c77da7 Fix PHP7 error handler compatibility.
  • 3a75517 Add check valid transfer-encoding
  • 14fb128 Fix lint error on TestEmail in EmailTest.php
  • 5e14b54 Change transferEncoding property public to protected
  • a006420 Switch expected and result in test
  • 3d47357 Fix lint error
  • 45269ef Fix spelling comment
  • 2023b4e Add email config for transferEncoding #11485