CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.5.6

  • 357d617 Update version number to 3.5.6
  • 74ace8a Ignore phpstan error
  • f859919 Revert "Silly change to make PHPStan happy"
  • e1d4bc1 Add missing url encoding to protocol relative URLs
  • c936250 Use adventage of newer PHPUnit sytax
  • ff023ed DX PHPUnit - use dedicated assertions
  • 02bb909 Update Digest.php
  • f96a68f add a test for check 0 before natural number
  • 2579df6 Fix CS error.
  • eaca9ce Allow registering middleware as string with RouteCollection.
  • 115a354 Fix duplicate subdirectories for file type views.
  • 444f487 Fix tests
  • a8306cd Avoid double parenthesis when nesting functions and query expressions
  • 7215bd3 Moved creation of HttpClient's response object into a separate method.
  • 7ee9d21 Fix Response __debugInfo() to get body content
  • 65f36a5 Update Digest.php
  • 5319d12 Update Digest.php
  • 5b14976 Silly change to make PHPStan happy
  • 62ddb47 Revert change to toArray
  • 38e7646 Add test for array iterator issue
  • 2db64da Fix collections when iterating over certain classes