CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.5.2

  • 6829ddd Update version number to 3.5.2
  • c7ca5c2 Fix adding request cookies for urls without a path.
  • ce75980 Require that cookies added to the Client have a path and a domain.
  • f3b8dcc Alternative approach to session id in CLI
  • 2081daf load routes in RoutingMiddleware just if not initialized
  • 2dbbc08 Fix CLI session ID to be set, resolves regression.
  • eceac7d Fix error output line highlighting off by one.
  • c48ae8e Update HelpShell tests to use ConsoleIntegrationTestCase
  • 30029f2 Update CommandListShell to use integration test case.
  • dc38ecc Bring gitattributes in line with cakephp/app
  • a392600 Changed array_key_diff to unset
  • 28d6c35 Improve warnings around Text::uuid()
  • c9c88f2 Added support for `fullBase` option in `::link()`. Added test case for `fullBase`.
  • 8a067be Add more context on formhelper templates.
  • 300446f Tidy up.
  • 2852a07 Fix redis increment/decrement with infinite timeout.
  • 2d7bd21 Removed blank line
  • 09c10a9 Short array syntax
  • e701e31 Added test case for addClass()
  • 6759f87 Add tests.
  • 05dfa2f Make View's setter methods return $this instead of void.
  • 83fe964 Added isset. Fix coding style
  • 106f62b Fix #11132 - trim warning in Cake\View\Helper::addClass
  • 00067a9 Update docblocks.
  • ba43bd6 Don't replace plural message ids with singular ones.
  • 70c978d Adding a test to show the translation issue of plurals
  • 2e0d6b1 Add casting to make CookieComponent more backwards compatible.
  • c023108 Add test to check whether unexpected cookie propery isn't included
  • 11375f7 Fix CookieCollection::parseSetCookieHeader when the cookie has properties that are not expected in Cookie Object
  • 3b1a0ba Update documentation to be clearer on how marshalling works