CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.5.14

  • c97820e Update version number to 3.5.14
  • d6f026a Use PHP properly.
  • d4515b4 Add cast to coerce false into a countable.
  • 1c6b605 Fix doc block line.
  • f466fa8 Remove deprecated Table schema class usage.
  • 5d8e0b3 Change Table refs to TableSchema
  • 5fb000f add 'port' to expected result
  • af6d7f8 Write testFieldNames() method for test fieldNames() method of View/Helper/FormContent.php
  • 812ac18 Written a docBlock to testIsMultibyteString() method.
  • 6d122ae Write a function testIsMultibyteString() for testing isMultibyte() method of Utility/Text Class
  • 79ef344 Add an extra Assertion to testStripLinks() method for checking "javascript:void(0)"
  • 2105b51 Update appveyor.yml
  • 1cbcf4e Update cacert.pem