CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.5.13

  • 7d52085 Update version number to 3.5.13
  • 3427600 Add test for multiple=false input.
  • c915126 Fix RequestHandler::prefers() returning false positives.
  • 2b5fc9e Fixed when multiple = checkbox
  • 42c731a Fixed the multiple option when it is set false on belongsToMany selects
  • 5fd031e Use variadic isset
  • fd269af document can be return callable
  • 75ba2b4 Fix documented types for setConditions()
  • b6dbeb5 Ensure paging params are properly set based on "order" in settings.
  • 5186584 Fix default values as documented.
  • 752da21 Fix doc block.
  • 4b52bc4 Fix Session handling in IntegrationTestCase usage.
  • 7071e01 Fix Session handling in IntegrationTestCase usage.
  • af91bb4 Simplify class name
  • 6e57c11 Change to class constant
  • bfc0cf2 Changed docblock
  • d523a59 Fix Paginator unnecessarily modifying "sort" option.
  • 55e74fc Fix test case.
  • 048b556 Fix typo.
  • cd0c4fa Make view block inst. a bit less internally coupled.
  • d6b0f18 Add virtual fields into __debugInfo() output.
  • 3e8ab0a Remove unused variables
  • 9abaeb2 Improve error and use count() instead of empty().
  • f21c436 Do not allow updates to tables with no primary key
  • a2d925e Use relative path to allow using phpstan.phar locally.
  • d668bc1 Add test for previous commit.
  • 0415d83 Initialize $prefix to suppress Notice Error
  • 78908b3 Removing unnecessary return
  • 47e0ea2 Fix incorrect annotations.
  • a0d6635 fix: use ::class
  • 7846f7d feat: allow modifying the Form schema class