CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.5.12

  • a6c47f1 Update version number to 3.5.12
  • 6a50ccf Defect 11686
  • 4cbe722 Pass required attribute into generated datetime options.
  • 82acd2b Fix _ssl and _full not working well together.
  • 4fc958b Update code based on feedback.
  • 33e97eb Update cacert.pem
  • a8c9364 test: add missing key check
  • 01cf28b Allow user to specify a php.ini in ServerShell
  • 0f8dd73 Fix invalid SQL generation from leftJoinWith() & auto-fields
  • 7134214 Add test for #11620
  • f7c5b2a Fixing style errors.
  • 5d91ab0 Add testIsRegisteredStreamWrapper method
  • e7dfac4 Change determination of absolute path
  • c4aedbd Fix #11655.
  • 23d7a0d Fixing style errors.
  • 43f20f0 Cleanup.
  • c6be0ab Fix saveOrFail() to include useful messages on output, e.g. CLI/tests.
  • 45f4a39 Add "overwrite" option for plugin assets symlink/copy operation.
  • 3ca9ad0 Simplify code.
  • 5153f57 Update version in "since" tag.
  • c259c72 Fixing style errors.
  • dc1ebe8 Add command to remove plugin assets from app's webroot.
  • 4c3638f Fixing issue with how the check is done for determining if templatePath already terminates with subDir
  • 63aaf06 Fix issue #11582