CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.5.0

  • 2149b75 Update version number to 3.5.0
  • 4d6a540 remove unused namespaces
  • e80c205 Revert where phpunit needs method to mock.
  • 86972f9 Passing paging params to PageOutOfBoundException.
  • 4163fb0 Fix CS
  • 62c6aeb Use strict checks
  • 009cf4e Add test for max page count value
  • 765a7a4 Add test for page count fix
  • 5cba9ca Forward port change from master.
  • f9cd66f Update version number to 3.4.13
  • 1056f4d Clarified the docblocks
  • 4886b36 Fix lower bound of total pages
  • 2dd80e4 Always do count for paginator results in params
  • 02bcace Fix code smell
  • 0c27a85 Removing the destructor to prevent notices on reuse.
  • ae51d4c Make internal use of driver consistent.
  • f6fee47 phpdoc param type for applyMiddleware()
  • 3f24349 Fix backward incompatibility of QueryExpression::type()
  • 43959d9 Remove the 'persistent' config option for Sqlserver connections
  • 58a6dec remove unused code
  • 100c768 add `.name` for fixing `Get the name...`
  • d71a990 Pull in the relevant examples from the API
  • 0d4c280 Inline condition and fix skip check.
  • 891406b Fix lint.
  • 61d198b Update tests to not use test stub.
  • 94b4174 Add public methods to allow test stub to be deleted.
  • f534945 Remove ini flag for memcached.sasl
  • fa8c5d8 Fix pattern for host names.
  • edcb3dc Add exception on parse failure.
  • f13b003 Refactor tests to use a data provider.
  • 519b0ce Replace parse_url() with a regex.
  • f582340 Move ConnectionManager tests with the other tests for that class
  • c956a92 Fixed to account for keys including numeric values above 9
  • a33a035 Improved the stripNesting method Added changes requested by ADmad
  • ebad0f2 Added support for numeric nested fields type, isRequired, val and attributes Updated tests too