CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.4.9

  • a9eb221 Update version number to 3.4.9
  • 4e04ef5 Fix more links
  • d90b33f Fix a link
  • 39f2b8a Loading PHPUnit aliases once from all initial autoloaded files
  • 33387ef Fixing phpunit class aliasing
  • 1539a52 Fix last line excerpt not retrievable.
  • 661bec0 Fixed FixtureInjector method compatibility
  • 196b5f2 Use assertCount() where applicable.
  • 9a47769 Avoid unneeded "else".
  • f611ed0 Fix incorrect PSR7 request target.
  • fe26495 Fix usage of contain finder options for hasMany relations
  • 452172e Remove unnecessary typecast, as this can be fixed by a parameter type hint later
  • 0a25d74 Fix some issues that came up while using strict_types
  • 752c177 Add missing docblock
  • d141a1b Sleep longer to fix cross second boundaries.
  • ad08611 Add fixture I missed.
  • 6e63f38 Fix plugin fixtures in sub-directories not resolving.
  • 228e9ca Use simple strings where applicable
  • fd7a29d fix delete processing
  • 82db65b Rewmove unused imports of Configure class
  • 4167141 Replace other literal configure calls with new convenience function setAppNamespace()
  • 3caa498 Replace literal configure alls with new convenience function setAppNamespace()
  • cd02266 Add a setAppNamespace() convenience function to replace literal calls
  • 17f5c9d Fix Correspond to RedisCluster from RedisEngine::clear()