CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.4.7

  • b1aaa09 Update version number to 3.4.7
  • 62d1ccf Fix typehint.
  • 11cfe3c Allow more IDE detectability. Fix invalid doc blocks.
  • 18f68aa Add tests in an attempt to reproduce #10662
  • a8c14fe Rename test model usage to reflect models that exist.
  • c78aec9 Update code in Log.php
  • 247880b Add missing version number for @deprecated
  • 0a8471d Renamed enableRememberFlashMessages to enableRetainFlashMessages
  • 4489522 Fix invalid SQL on paginated results.
  • 65a84ea Try removing github token usage on travis to get builds to run.
  • 55a39b5 Add Validation::hexColor()
  • 7ba80f4 Fix test.
  • a7952c2 Update to codesniffer 3.0
  • a33cb7f Added test for asserting flash after they're rendered
  • 1995447 Storing flash messages during beforeRender event and restoring them
  • bbe05d5 Added a test for nested array data as a query in the url
  • 8e9cf16 Added parentheses to the class calls
  • c2c747e Fix nested parameter encoding in Oauth1 client.
  • b53308b Empty message strings should return the key
  • b322eec Fix SticklerCI whitespace
  • b9e9cd3 Added a test case for errors when validation is only for create
  • 8538990 Remove default email for setCc
  • 8aabfbe Add Mail getter and setter method annotation