CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.4.4

  • d40615b Update version number to 3.4.4
  • d052b6a Make sure that a LogicException is thrown
  • 3f2194a Correct deprecation notice for ServerRequest::$here.
  • 69dcc12 use Cake\Http\ServerRequest on tests
  • 9bd958e update composer
  • bab250f Allow getting configured datetime class for Type class.
  • 4774e26 Fix annotations around Entity.
  • 64c1866 Corrected lfor lint
  • 002c695 Deleting commented function
  • d0dab44 TranslateBehavior's method TranslationField returns standard table alias for default locale
  • 6553c3f Add test for scriptStart() default behavior
  • 0a2158e Remove default options from scriptStart()
  • cb5f4d3 Remove errors when aliases don't match.
  • 1b76298 Fix method documentation
  • 6b1a8ff Fix Http\Client\CookieCollection according to RFC6265.
  • e4d07d8 Fix merging issue of scope as string inside options array.
  • c4f2d5e Also covers %
  • e8cbac2 Fix PhpDoc Param Type for RouteBuilder::redirect() $url
  • fe1d812 Update URL in *.md, *.json
  • 7bd33dd single quote string style
  • 4c40f2f fix variable name typo
  • 4ed2646 tickle
  • 703e288 fix test to report exception via json with file name and line number
  • 774b088 fix code/this->code
  • abd300b please stickler-ci
  • 2dd8d7b file file vs line variable declaration, report "null" if filename and/or line name are unknown due to being an anonymous closure via thinkingmedia "Also getFile() might return null for errors thrown by closure functions or from extensions."
  • 057dfa4 Pass through file name and line number fron PHP7ErrorException up to ExceptionRenderer / _serialize()
  • dc8cefc Don't filter out 0.0 in Hash::filter()