CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.4.2

  • 28b6e20 Update version number to 3.4.2
  • 97cbe23 Splat operator doesn't like associative arrays.
  • c428da9 Remove multiple empty lines
  • 2ad18f9 Revert "fixed tabs"
  • 9d95f4b fix tabs
  • c5ffade fixed tabs
  • 72a2bb1 adds test for getQuery(null)
  • 20ca839 moved RequestTest to ServerRequestTest
  • ddcc17e Adding a test for #9787
  • 70bd81a Make sure id() also returns a non empty value for CLI faking.
  • 8097272 Fix EntityTrait::__debugInfo doesn't show the actual accessible property
  • 9947871 Revert Event::$_result to Event::$result.
  • 7a80288 update configShallow
  • 53a575b Remove extra if statement
  • 482cf44 Fixed CS
  • 9b7c7e8 Alias the correct classes and add warning against PHPUnit version
  • f43dc01 Modified ORM's file. Replaced config() method name with setConfig() in file.
  • 66123bf Amends to docblocks
  • 2a33961 Deprecated method docblock updates.
  • 1a247a3 Remove type hints form _buildAssociationsMap()
  • c5cb54c Fix memory leak in EagerLoader
  • 3dc29e0 Fix lint errors.
  • b28ceb6 Declare the conflict with phpunit <5.7
  • 286b20f Alias classes in the TestSuite files directly
  • 3442438 Restore 'association' option in beforeMarshal event.
  • 3860835 Fix lies in the return annotations