CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.4.12

  • e5be622 Update version number to 3.4.12
  • 41ee625 Update deprecation suggestions
  • c5f114c Bump up to phpstan 0.8.
  • 0c7daf1 Fix empty translations
  • 44d001c Fixed bug causing requests with queries to be invalidated
  • 8fb97c5 Add test for selecting paginated results, order by calculated column
  • 74bb873 Change previous SQL Server order fix to create a new order clause.
  • c23acbd DefaultPasswordHasher with changed options enables needsRehash
  • 2759482 Fix pagination ordering on calculated columns on SQL Server.
  • c48a348 Fix a typo in the annotation
  • 98abf93 Rewrind after writing to new response stream.
  • d8cd4ca Add failing test for Http/Client/Response
  • 718b42e Reduce redundant message wrapping code
  • 24fc1d7 Add additional tests for context messages
  • 282575c Give a path to fix deprecation
  • 4cafe88 Add more tests.
  • d66d089 Rather than throwing an Exception, using HttpException to throw a 504 as seems to fit the description well for a 504: "The server was acting as a gateway or proxy and did not receive a timely response from the upstream server."
  • fafbd30 Fix CS.
  • c2559a7 Fix regression of arrays to be passed for output.
  • f2f06b8 Update ignored errors list.
  • 0347c02 Load tests/boostrap.php for phpstan.
  • d84ac96 Replace tabs with spaces.
  • 857d3bd Update to phpstan v0.7