CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.4.1

  • f100367 Update version number to 3.4.1
  • d768eef Add API docs for new CounterCache option.
  • cb42867 Move PHPUnit aliases definition file to be loaded by apps by default
  • 384c995 Update
  • e91a091 Improving an error message in Association.php
  • e257dfb Fix debug output on only white spaced strings
  • 2820519 Fix docblock @param (boolean inversion)
  • d90a98e remove double spaces in phpdoc (#10243)
  • f1c7b72 Remove overridden combined setter/getter methods
  • c340fca remove double spaces in phpdoc of ./src/Validation/Validator.php
  • 4d962f1 Fix lint error.
  • 988dd17 Don't block when SMTP server quits.
  • eadae15 Make target table class name check less strict.
  • e8c75f1 Fix InflectedRoute calling parent() incorrectly.
  • 3009bc4 Fix issue where urlencoded URLs would not be matched.
  • fdf30cb Remove simpletest formatting strings.
  • 3e07ab6 Update LICENSE.txt
  • f74e4de Use undeprecated method.
  • ee93eec Update tests as suggested by @markstory
  • 29c47fa fix indentation
  • a3fe3fe #10218 Fix tests to prevent future regressions
  • 3171243 Return to original behavior in ExceptionRenderer
  • 6fde985 Add getter for table instance.
  • 7e73073 Add getter for view instance.
  • 8b2b5c3 Only alias the minimum required classes
  • 3b879dd Adjust PHPUnit version requirement
  • c6475ad Add missing compatibilty aliases
  • 30b75bf Make the TestSuite PHPUnit 6 compliant
  • a67e549 Add support for PHPUnit6 in the Cake\TestSuite
  • 7815661 Add an entity getter
  • c7e09a4 Add new saveOrFail and deleteOrFail method
  • fe7b6cc Add option to prevent counter cache from updating the counter cache
  • 6d380fe Bump version for