CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.4.0-beta3

  • 1435115 Update version number to 3.4.0-beta3
  • 9e7a0c1 Fix reasonPhrase having a default value that matches the status code.
  • 30fc500 Use getCookies() and add test for emitting cookies
  • ea7c52b Fix reason phrase not getting set by statusCode()
  • d6a720b Add getCookies() method to response.
  • eb535f3 Use FormHelper::input() inside FormHelper::controls()
  • 4efbfcd Fix cookies sending by ResponseEmitter.
  • a0ce4c4 Improve support for `decimal` type in Postgres schema management
  • 4c4da83 add CS check against v3
  • fc7a39a Travis jobs seem to timeout when running phpunit through composer script.
  • 7391dc2 Remove --color switch from phpunit command.
  • 20ebb74 Use composer scripts in .travis.yml
  • 98b70d1 Add composer script to run phpunit with coverage report.
  • f02dd53 Update composer scripts.
  • fb1fa2e Fix spelling/typos.
  • f332556 Split row creation and add comments to make tests more transparent.
  • 59b0506 Fix has many save replace doesn't respect association conditions.
  • 38f5433 Fix autoLinkUrls() failing on long string in parens
  • 5ab3f67 Change method visibility from public to protected
  • e84972a Do not use `empty()`, it's not necessary.
  • 2cb8533 Throw an exception instead of triggering a notice.
  • 969c8c6 Trigger a notice when removing aliases from queries with joins.
  • d3a84aa Test subqueries in conditions too.
  • 7ea595f Strip aliases from update query conditions where possible.