CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.3.5

  • d1a1d30 Update version number to 3.3.5
  • b968730 Modify option to fullBase for consistency.
  • 7dbbfa1 Fix up bool check.
  • 28a2fed Allow RequestHandlerComponent::beforeRedirect to be disabled.
  • ca96417 Update tests for changes done in #9523.
  • d7d0e22 Fix requestAction() not working with middleware.
  • 99d3942 Added missing comma
  • 0126b43 Fix typo
  • d8531ce Fix copy-pasta error
  • 1cf0418 Add status codes from
  • 5521881 Add missing standard HTTP codes
  • f210939 Change to allow the class name in the setting of the fixture
  • cc28213 Fix use ordering.
  • e6a06c5 Close fastcgi request on range responses as well.
  • 7ebc261 Add a simpler response emitter.
  • 04057ca Fix doc block.
  • 77f58c9 Allow unescaped URLs to be built. Other helpers need this internally.