CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.3.11

  • e5e3dfb Update version number to 3.3.11
  • 66c2401 Fix MemcachedEngineTest::testConfigurationConflict() rarely fails
  • 54a4f08 fixed `@return` tag. `dispatchShell()` returns the cli command exit code
  • ac195be Fix missing newline.
  • 2de57f1 Remove dead method.
  • 11d7c54 Document and deprecate a strange property.
  • 6176a1e Fix Http\Client\Response::getStatusCode() should return int, but return string currently.
  • 45f4555 Minor readme enhancements
  • 04ab744 Update makefile
  • 66b64b1 Fix indentation
  • c6ae7da Subtree split of Form namespace, solves #9890
  • 91ea47f Add new methods to Validator
  • a932dca Fixed typo
  • df1d2de New Validation::(min|max)ByteLength() addition
  • 2bcfe5c Dont use magic numbers for success code either.
  • 4c545b9 Fix CS error.
  • 82d3473 Port Xml::fromArray() fix from 2.x
  • 0bfad80 Improve consistency of docblocks
  • 0d1e8e7 Use expectedExceptionMessageRegExp to support *nix & Windows
  • 1feaa49 Make use of built-in message template of MissingElementException
  • 6aa720b Let Composer decide which tool path to use
  • 4dc1e9d Remove unused use statements