CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.3.0-beta2

  • 2547219 Update version number to 3.3.0-beta2
  • 29e802b Fixing Comment
  • 1bf67c1 Add tests for #9105
  • e38cda7 Modified elseif
  • 96aa8cd Modified From::error() param $text's behavior
  • 3ba4187 PSR Fix adding blank line before return.
  • 0029383 Fix PHPCS error.
  • d51cfad Adding `$nestingKey` to Collection nest method, with tests.
  • 104f796 Fix validateUnique emitting errors when non-scalar data is received.
  • d996c09 Controller::referer should support array-based URL structure too
  • 3bfa33b fix CS
  • 33f702f Use a packaged release of the code sniffer.
  • 855c4d1 Fix CS error.
  • b7f0dd3 Fix up API doc example.
  • c828485 Fixed bug in FormHelper.php
  • 9c65869 Fix failing test.
  • 11f7c3d Follow the standards
  • e0cc233 Allow integration testing of secure post requests with a query string.
  • dc7ebfd add support for assoc keys in CLI table helper
  • 2d7e239 Fix bug in RequestTransformer::convertFile().
  • 56ed09b Removed trigger_error() from requestAction().
  • d0dd6de Fix Http client headers when array data is used.
  • 34a0541 Bind DispatchFilter in the new ActionDispatcher.
  • 4189c71 Disallow nodes being their own parents.
  • 2e88444 Mark the method as deprecated as well.
  • defaee3 Deprecate RequestActionTrait.
  • d051712 Update docblock.
  • bcf9539 Fix issue with integration tests and Content-Type headers
  • 3f89bfb Fix up formatting in code snippets in API docs.
  • 1fa7bed Rename truncateWidth to truncateByWidth
  • 9ded4a6 Add Text::truncateWidth() method
  • 19720e5 Add a test for edge case. Remove an unneeded test.
  • 083edeb Add wide character support to `Text::truncate()`.
  • 3c70805 Fix wrong argument order for assertSame