CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.3.0-RC1

  • 84d3c04 Update version number to 3.3.0-RC1
  • 3213081 CLI renderer should use inner exception for PHP7ErrorException instances to keep original stacktrace
  • 418cdc4 Skip flaky test when no results come back.
  • 75b5b62 Take into account the content-type for the response
  • ed59722 Update version number to 3.2.13
  • d86fd52 Add test
  • 1324741 pokemon, no pokemons :)
  • 752c4d5 Fixed Shell TableHelper when there is a fullwidth character
  • 4c9ed71 Fixed the docblocks for class properties
  • 619b1ad Fix docblock formatting.
  • c99ac1c Remove extra interface integration where parent classes exist
  • 496dc57 Clean up whitespace a bit.
  • d63423e Implement the TypeInterface into all type subclasses and remove from the Type class.
  • c4a0a4d Add missing parent::tearDown() call
  • 5249baf mcrypt extension is deprectaed in PHP7.1
  • 5c8a0ce Log a warning when headers have been sent.
  • e2794a4 Account for middlware as string in insertBefore() and insertAfter().
  • 88af4a4 Fix doclock.
  • 07aec60 Add tests for MiddlewareQueue::add()/prepend().
  • 40d9671 Rename var.
  • 37d06d2 Rename test methods.
  • bdb6cf8 Make all methods for updating middleware queue accept middleware name as string.
  • b4f1dd1 Fix methods not returning $this.
  • 06a9763 Allow adding class name string to middware queue.
  • ebeeb73 Implements QueryExpression::exists and QueryExpression::notExists methods
  • bdc24cc Amends to the Interface as suggested in the PR
  • 1467f79 Fix PHPCS error.
  • 26fc35d Make missing associations fail more loudly.
  • 823bf26 Fix that `Security::randomBytes()` is not a "readable" string for authentication string (use `bin2hex`)
  • 31d7f93 Added an interface as alluded to in the docs
  • 2d69a35 \Error and space
  • 725be3f stickler
  • 2d68a04 change error message for fatal errors in PHP 7