CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.2.5

  • d6aa467 Update version number to 3.2.5
  • 9087546 Don't trust Client-IP header unless behind a proxy
  • 07bf626 Fix that increment/decrement no longer work for XcacheEngine
  • 6105714 Fix incorrect test cases.
  • 8a5b3bc Allow to use Xcache from CLI.
  • a2318a3 Run sniffer to auto-fix default params into doc blocks.
  • 18fcf41 Add missing bracket in comment
  • 4dd93b2 added PDO-fetch-type FETCH_OBJ to PDOStatement
  • 752d848 Fix the queries for postgres index/constraint reflection.
  • 114914e Fix singular form of messages.
  • d1abb79 Fix __xn() and __dxn() so that plural forms are used.
  • 9427739 Fix incorrectly formatted messages used in test cases.
  • 60aca56 Add example of inflect option.
  • 0fc6549 gh #8160 : @markstory, Updating query to allow for multi column constraints and composite keys
  • a49361f Handle malformed Range headers without warnings.
  • dc9a3aa Fix PHPCS error.
  • d3959a8 Adding a assertCookieNotSet to the IntegrationTestCase
  • 1200f86 Trying to use XCahe for common framework caching result in error message "Use serialize before xcache_set". Fixed.
  • 1b72331 gh #8160 : Replacing invalid constraint query and tuning performance The original query was joining a pg view referential_constraints, that was returning multiple invalid rows. It has now been converted to use the pg_catalog tables and performance has been tuned to .2ms