CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.2.14

  • 54fa6f3 Update version number to 3.2.14
  • f05e7e7 Remove superfluous "Class" from doc blocks
  • 0530555 Remove superfluous whitespace in doc blocks
  • 7dcfd04 Pin to stable versions of Chronos.
  • 26e6bf0 Fix Validator::equals() never passing.
  • 3d3e354 Trim whitespace.
  • 83c3a68 Improve API documentation for TypeInterface
  • 5706620 Include the remaining methods in TypeInterface.
  • 7297313 Fix phpcs error.
  • e5795f3 Make unlink() return true.
  • 85de77e Implement TypeInterface from Type
  • 3b34169 Made all types extend Type again.
  • 3213081 CLI renderer should use inner exception for PHP7ErrorException instances to keep original stacktrace
  • 418cdc4 Skip flaky test when no results come back.
  • 4c9ed71 Fixed the docblocks for class properties
  • c99ac1c Remove extra interface integration where parent classes exist
  • d63423e Implement the TypeInterface into all type subclasses and remove from the Type class.
  • bdc24cc Amends to the Interface as suggested in the PR
  • 31d7f93 Added an interface as alluded to in the docs
  • c678bff Add buildValidator event hook to Table.