CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.2.10

  • f8f4838 Update version number to 3.2.10
  • f2bc2a1 Move unlocked field resetting to end()
  • 0259741 Use more secure boundary
  • ffbea23 improves the test for BelongsToMany Associations to verify if the correct entity was found
  • c8b6000 fixes wrong foreignKey to find the association
  • f38efe2 Fix formatting
  • 6d3f484 Shorten class name references.
  • 190caaf Fix errors on missing action/template error page.
  • b53fed5 Revert changes made in #8807
  • c7d259c Ensure RequestHandler does not override response type set in action.
  • e4acb35 Fix Security::randomBytes() fallback
  • e10100d fix typo in whether
  • 31e643c update testFolderSubdirectories() to account a different subdirectory order
  • a74d056 add a method to get all subdirectories of a folder
  • 4fc0264 fixes reset FormHelper::$_unlockFields
  • 2f67740 add test to not found email transport class error message
  • 6a31a7b Fix incorrect handling of url in path
  • 24d4a1d error gives message about config name instead of class name
  • a3e1315 Add test case to prevent future regression.
  • 467bde5 Revert "Force ExistsIn rule in new Entity even with a not dirty field"
  • b66e094 Adding phpcs.xml config
  • cafb4ad Fix insertion errors from the previous change.
  • dc5cc8b Make Query::insert() behave when called multiple times.