CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.1.3

  • 9d7d63c Update version number to 3.1.3
  • 353dcbe Only output _loaded if it exists.
  • 8f9e28b integration test case security token
  • c1fa2bf Adding PHPDoc for testReplaceHasMany method in test case. Renaming method replaceLinks to replace on HasMany.php. Grouping together HasMany tests.
  • c96f30c Issuing a count() on a Collection should throw an exception
  • e4b784c Move theme name inflection into a method
  • d6a2d4c Correct docblock
  • ec6bec3 Fix for #7589
  • bebed23 Test to prove #7589
  • df1f742 Correct method to fluent interface.
  • 17cc917 Woot, that's now handled
  • 6853637 Use the dirty function to clear the class property
  • b561f5f When a query is executed - it's not dirty any more
  • 28978c2 Add tests for count-cache
  • 45d3932 Split the actual count into a seperate method
  • fcf7373 Only if the query object is not dirty
  • ba9c64f Only issue a count once
  • 4ed1381 Fix route mis-matches with multibyte fixed segments
  • ff4c1e2 Cleaning only the affected properties in link and unlink methods
  • 0f6c391 Allow NULL in boolean types.
  • 3d18f28 Split the protocol out of the host name.
  • 6b4bfa1 fixed flipped assertion values in TableTest. Changed assertEquals to assertCount where applicable. Methods link, unlink and replaceLinks now clean the entity when finished. dirty verification added in TableTest for link, unlink and replaceLinks tests. Switched to pure arrays in HasMany, cause of unnecessary use of Collection. Improved PHP doc.
  • f458bc2 Removing unused line of code. Fixing style issue
  • ebb2e8c removing a debug call in ExtractIterator
  • bdf5d76 Implemented one more test to link function, in which an already existing link is present in the input data. Implemented replaceLinks method and a test for it.
  • 1089927 Implemented public methods: link, unlink in HasMany association. A bit of refactory was necessary in _unlinkAssociated method, separating the parts of the code responsible to build the exclusion list and the part responsible to actually unlink. This last part is now present in _unlink method. This method is used when unlinking all or unlinking some associated objects.