CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 3.0.13

  • 5921b2f Update version number to 3.0.13
  • 83ae86e Remove extra empty line after use statements
  • eaca7ca Update FixtureInjector with addWarning
  • afe56ab Use ordinal constant in ordinal method, accept type options verbatim in formatter method
  • 87263dc Pass along options for ordinal method in NumberHelper
  • a8627b4 Use formatter method for ordinal numbers method
  • 3fbed71 removed extra class loading
  • 9872373 removed extra loading class
  • 86eedff fixed typo in test cases for ordinal
  • 971ebf6 used I18n::locale() to determine current locale
  • 7cc2dc4 added test cases for ordinal helper
  • 2021de1 used locale instead of defaultLocale to get current locale
  • cc851b6 put classes in alphabetical order. removed extra new line
  • bf157f1 removed parameter from comment doc
  • 73d5e21 fixed parameter type in doc comment
  • b046ff8 added function doc comment
  • 8095b7c removed options from parameter
  • 6906f68 minors corrections
  • e54ef60 Fix incorrect use of empty().
  • 833842f Added proxy parameter to contextOptions to be passed to stream context of request
  • 0033fef Don't overwrite an entity's id when it was specified.
  • 0ed77b3 correct typos
  • 4075c3d typo in API docs example
  • 7915174 Fix docblock namespaces, follows #7314
  • 1060504 fix typos in namespaces
  • e287dd1 Fix typo
  • 072c0ce Wrappers for quiet() and verbose()
  • 457df5c Docblock fix for loadFixtures
  • 2173112 Port fixes in #7289 to 3.x
  • bbb829a Fix tests for postgres.
  • d642555 Only set `_base` when loginAction is an array.
  • c61c408 Fix Query::count() failing when fields have expressions.
  • 283f89d added ordinal in View NumberHelper