CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.9.9

  • bfd2d21 Update version number to 2.9.9
  • bef0c76 Add inline type hint annotations
  • 275385d Add test covering basic auth reading from headers.
  • 6321d56 Really correct return type
  • 09a981b code style fix as requested
  • 99d02a8 fix permission
  • a1eb067 bugfix basic to Basic
  • 7cd9d43 typo
  • ca6ca93 refactoring to avoid tampering with $_SERVER
  • ff210b0 code style
  • 5fb1b71 code style fix
  • 74f7008 local variable optimization
  • 089a0ae using $request->header in place of $_SERVER['HTTP_AUTHORIZATION']
  • a15c5c7 BasicAuthenticate - added check to avoid parsing if "Authorization: Bearer <token>" is in place
  • f5795f0 BasicAuthenticate - code styling and strong type comparison
  • 41851d6 fix HTTP Basic Auth on FastCGI PHP