CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.9.8

  • 043b320 Update version number to 2.9.8
  • ce9f333 Added documentation for App.base
  • efb3474 Fix query string data in URL arrays not being passed anymore.
  • ea05b04 Add additional test for -0.0
  • 9007a7f Fix notBlank() to pass on -0.0
  • d9059b6 Fix `array_intersect_key()` argument order, the source comes first.
  • 7d74818 Fix `ControllerTestCase::testAction()` incompatibility with `App.base`.
  • fa68c93 Fix failing test.
  • c74d2e0 Split conditional TLS versions into a separate method
  • 5685c03 Disable autocomplete on CSRF/Security token fields.
  • 4475cc0 Update tls_client and tls_server to include newer TLS versions.
  • 7dbc71d Conditionally define TLS constants & add test for new types.
  • 192a4c5 Improve punctuation & code examples in doc blocks
  • 9be647c Use more readable variable names
  • 5c1f60b #10230 - Extend available TLS encrypt methods in CakeSocket - formatting
  • 6b17567 #10230 - Extend available TLS encrypt methods in CakeSocket