CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.9.7

  • 6cdb2d2 Update version number to 2.9.7
  • 240c847 Fixing locale names
  • 0b6c23d Update schema reflection for postgres.
  • e285df4 optimization, break early
  • ccc9006 Unset the active user data on logout.
  • c5e31e5 Revise test case based on feedback in #10418
  • 9dbeeaa Add test for #10418
  • bea806e Update URL in *.md, *.json
  • 173f927 Try again to get apcu install step working.
  • 8559403 echo not print.
  • c4aac62 Try apcu install again.
  • 92aac61 Attempt to fix apcu install issues.
  • 1ebdc61 clean up assertions now that we are dropping the fixture early
  • e698891 Hash::filter() should not exclude 0.0
  • 25d5979 Code cleanup
  • c8aefeb Cs fixes
  • 708e960 Fixed tests
  • 4728586 Make error class of div in FormHelper::input configurable
  • a0e023d fix coding standard, skip Postgres
  • 3849df0 fix duplicate primary keys for tables without models
  • eb00f9a fixed code style
  • 0c8e3f1 fixed unit tests
  • 0bf4996 fixed unit test
  • e0b0da8 fixed unit tests
  • ebde8fd implemented Router::reverseToArray()