CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.9.4

  • 95cafae Update version number to 2.9.4
  • 53bcc15 Fix PHPCS error.
  • 3c44ddd Add tests for #9870
  • 4d77cb0 Fix a bug in Xml::fromArray()
  • ee7739a Try another approach to get the same error in all php versions.
  • 69afeb0 Skip error encoding test in PHP5.3
  • 21502db Fix TreeBehavior does access property/method via model
  • edfda47 Fix missing HTML encoding in Debugger
  • 12cdc24 Fix PHPCS errors.
  • 0a2a400 Fix type error tests to work in PHP5 & PHP7.1
  • e3221b1 Fix errors in php7.1
  • caaf748 Add PHP7.1 to test matrix.
  • 26731b9 Use ternary operator
  • b748109 Fix redirectUrl issue when loginRedirect is empty
  • 934bb00 Add tests showing recent changes fix #9784
  • 27f951f Don't emit errors when operating on corrupted cookie data.
  • 75bb30f add new locales fixes #9825