CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.8.4

  • 8cd5a64 Update version number to 2.8.4
  • 32cb254 Make CS tests pass.
  • ade9d8a Restore backwards compatibility with old 2.x in FormHelper.
  • ab79ab9 Fix short-array usage.
  • c2f028a Fix spacing
  • cd07850 Merge branch 'backport-8741-8690' into 2.x
  • af95370 Fix short array usage.
  • cf55767 Backport range parsing resiliancy fixes from 3.x
  • 3368ae9 fixed locales alphabetical order
  • 3edbe1f fixed locales alphabetical order
  • f4866ef restored deleted linebreak
  • dee53e8 added support for several european locales
  • 9536a10 Make schema import plugin friendly.
  • 3a75e8a Use import options when going through execute()
  • ce5d64b Remove whitespace.
  • b081ef5 Mock CakeResponse
  • 8b50232 Randomly generate a salt when the salt is '' or null.
  • f451efa Attempt to fix tests in 2.x
  • 4dd72af Add commented-out Apache pass-through for .well-known directory
  • 25a0796 Correct DocBlock for HttpException
  • d9e5d0c Re-add the Equifax Secure Certificate Authority
  • 4fd25e6 Update bundled CA file
  • 718a747 Fixed doc formatting on CakeResponse::cookie
  • 79db545 Fix PHP 5.4 syntax.
  • c551faa Add tests for changes in #8387
  • 84fc949 Allow N11 exchange numbers as valid.
  • 95558d0 Data passed through FormHelper::postLink is excluded from CSRF creation of an outer form. Subsequent fix for #8387.
  • 7df96b3 Creating correct CSRF tokens when using FormHelper::postLink within another form. Fixes #8387