CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.8.1

  • 78f199f Update version number to 2.8.1
  • 3ed321d Handle negative numbers in Redis correctly.
  • 1709f54 Update documentation for Model::_readDataSource()
  • 1a170e1 Fix parsing empty header values.
  • 9c0da41 Skip test on PHP7 as the warning is not consistent.
  • 1258739 Replace Set by Hash
  • 7e5f563 Deprecate bad methods.
  • 7df99ff Backport Security::randomBytes() to 2.x
  • ee2d222 Correct API docs for find().
  • 4389c79 Update tests.
  • 8f3df8b Make tests not fail when extensions are installed
  • 7a59070 Ensure keys are strings before accessing them.
  • b2509ea Fix inherited permissions when checking the '*' permission.
  • bf22e84 CS fixes
  • 849abab Fixing test case
  • 0c183b9 Read content type in a more compatible way. Not all webservers set CONTENT_TYPE. The built-in PHP webserver for example sets HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE instead. Add a public method to the request object to smooth over this difference.
  • c05835d refs #8027 combine if statements
  • 780b836 Deprecate SecurityComponent::requireAuth & SecurityComponent::requireAuth()
  • b5655d6 Remove lighthouse references
  • 5b10e3c Use mixed return type for AuthComponent::user()
  • e4b939b Backport fix for Validation::uploadedFile to 2.x
  • f1bea77 Fix bool check and also some doc blocks.
  • 3ca3ffe fix phpcs
  • 70c4e40 Fix value check and formatting.
  • e83a532 Fixed array syntax.
  • 209cdd7 code formatting fixes
  • 296f698 Added test cases covering native uuid field usage for Postgres class
  • e75858d refs #7929 update uuid test
  • 47bf98c refs # 7929 refactor uuid support to not break Backward Compatibility
  • 66f3a7e refs issue #7929 add support for Postgres native uuid datatype