CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.7.6

  • df3c786 Update version number to 2.7.6
  • 18544c5 Fix validation allowing arrays.
  • 5845cad fix phpcs
  • cb6a17c add Flash back to Controller, fix Scaffold to use Flash instead
  • 5e60cc5 Fix plugin view names being able to escape the plugin root directory.
  • b9dc89a Update docblock
  • 820fc22 Correct doc block.
  • 58316b3 Specify type hint
  • 925647a Simplify code used to generate plugin flash messages.
  • fd50d19 Flash Component was not handling plugin option
  • dea3234 Add failing test for #7570
  • e2a1094 Define variables before they are used.
  • fea6fd7 Fix incorrect doc tag.
  • e8a0726 Fix error when Memcached::getAllKeys() fails.
  • e0d2c45 Fix PHPCS error.
  • 3a4facb Remove allowSelfSigned() method.
  • cc3531d Move SSL context options into CakeSocket.
  • 29490eb Add tests for #7516
  • ed410dd Do not mix void with other return types
  • de8aed5 Add false as return value of field()
  • f57cdb7 PaginatorHelper::meta() skips url parameters and disrespects defined routes
  • 5dfb780 Change names
  • 86da57d Minor improvements to the front controller
  • bb7e785 Add test for Self-signed certificates
  • 5c722c6 Fix peer verification
  • 506051f Correct input generation for postgres numeric types.
  • e2c303b Add support for Self Signed certificates with smtp