CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.7.2

  • f959b76 Update version number to 2.7.2
  • b7c9ac9 Backport fixes for comparison() and range() to 2.x
  • 056f24a Forbid direct prefix access with mixed casing.
  • 9f20330 Fix fatal error on null subject.
  • 3f15c8a fix templates
  • 27c88a8 Use tabs and single spaces in all .htaccess files
  • a73fc25 Fix incorrectly parsed mo file context.
  • 26ab829 Bootstrap Configure after the mb_* shims have been defined.
  • a3bb420 Set .htaccess indentation to 4 spaces
  • 00d0a50 Add "Reporting a Security Issue"
  • 58ea40e Don't stop reading when only a '0' has been read.
  • b16d627 Disable SNI in HttpSocket
  • a239324 use constant PHP_SAPI
  • b3a192a Add warning for irregular method.
  • 418dcfd Consistently remove plugin names in object collections.
  • b412b40 Make fixture import from table aware of records found
  • 52e7998 Replacing self with static due to PHP5.3+. Following #7040.