CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.5.8

  • 667e2be Update version number to 2.5.8
  • 5cf5fe5 Clarify question.
  • 22a4a2f Correct argument. Should not have a default string.
  • e778b5d Corrected/Improved DocBlock
  • 2637d35 Don't quit bake when a table is missing.
  • ae8a540 Remove trailing whitespace.
  • f19916b Add comments for possibly confusing code.
  • c58e7da Handle exception when RequestHandler::startup() fails.
  • 8c008ad Update.
  • cf108db Remove duplicate order key.
  • 23c4b7b Fix whitespace.
  • 5cff6aa Fixing Mysql::describe() for timestamp.
  • ac6d5cc Fix incorrect pluralization of Human.
  • 360346a Added PHPCS fixes
  • 674af51 Added PHPCS fixes
  • 9ecdaf7 Added PHPCS fixes and better array diff handling on fixture data count difference
  • e1c128b Consolidate with conditions sniff.
  • 31c7b01 Add reference links to docblock
  • 850edf4 Fix plural calculation for Arabic.
  • b0d0143 Fix PHPCS problems
  • ec2530b Fix PHPCS problems and a better comparation of schema and data
  • fc756ac fix some small typo changing variables names
  • a2d0458 Change to output the difference between fixture data and fields