CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.5.7

  • ef28b42 Update version number to 2.5.7
  • 11981f8 Correct doc block.
  • a5843db add binary protocol option in MemcachedEngine
  • bbfe317 Fix incorrect hardcoded database name.
  • 327fcb4 Fix some missed doc block issues
  • fb61d93 Add @trigger doc blocks of methods triggering CakeEvent
  • b29cd2f Use composer instead of PEAR to get codesniffer.
  • 1f4402c check ob_get_level() before ob_flush()
  • 1e6d22b Make the version option function as intended.
  • 9631b54 remove space
  • bb5088c PHPUnit can be included as a phar file.
  • b6caddc Fix file_map being regenerated on every request.
  • 23c5805 Fix mistake with previous commit.
  • f2c8460 Bugfix for: Memcached Engine segfaults with memcached client version < 2.0.0
  • bae556e Prevent zero only lines from being emptied
  • ddc3eee Use name() instead of hand quoting sequence names.
  • 8cbf975 Gracefully handle invalid chunks in HttpSocket
  • 4b6dba0 Add order=>false to all treebehavior queries.
  • e3e54d4 Fix CS, remove extra space
  • 6092c16 Fix issues with sqlite field parsing.
  • 93a6fd5 Fix SQLite parsing fields incorrectly when using subqueries.
  • 8712dc0 Cleanup of isUnique
  • 2990c21 Correct assert argument order.
  • 7718d47 Remove singularization on schema class names.
  • 9ce3d89 Clean up formatting and make a failure exit non-zero.
  • f0b6657 Make unsetting the email pattern work as expected.