CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.5.1

  • 0fd12c7 Update version number to 2.5.1
  • 153141a Make help clearer around how to use UpgradeShell.
  • 143e8e4 Make sure invalid arrays return empty array instead of throwing notices.
  • 992ab5e Removed the little doc that lied
  • 20ef10a Fix inline attachments being broken when only sending an HTML text body.
  • bf0edd1 fixes failing test cases in ModelTaskTest if not run in test-suite
  • 66e733f Fix test I forgot to fix in b8fa7ce1349e48047539a83f574c3ff87849cafa
  • 140e0bb Updated the test suite dispatcher to allow use of PHPUnit from Composer
  • b8fa7ce Fix issues where emails would have multipart/mixed when they should not.
  • 8af76a3 Hotfix for older baked templates regarding postLink()
  • e9ecfe0 Remove x bit on files.
  • aefc459 Fixes baked postLink()s
  • 91cb3dd Unset $db in DboSource::read().
  • e10e8fc fixes failing test case ValidationTest::testDecimalLocaleSet() on OS X