CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.4.10

  • 5fe5e9b Update version number to 2.4.10
  • 99cbaed PHP 5.6 builds should now pass.
  • 92e6c13 Add missing static on Debugger::output()
  • c8a2921 Made PHP 5.6 a allowed failure on travis.
  • ed83df5 Fixes #3469, explicit isset check for counterCache
  • 28404ac Added PHP 5.6 to travis.
  • cc49d28 Fix double / in missing component error page.
  • 51909ae Only parse URLs when they contain ://
  • 5469840 Fix incorrectly generated URL path.
  • 1103ca7 Ensure that only the path and query are used to make the hash.
  • 559d9d3 Make test names match the rest of the tests.
  • ead6c83 Add formatting rules for .yml files to editorconfig.
  • 57cb7ea Correct documentation.
  • fecf321 This is a hotfix for TextHelper which seems to have gone wrong in a merge. tail() is missing completly and the docs for truncate() are the ones for tail(). This fixes it.
  • 0c0448f Fix travis builds.
  • 2244e02 remove constructor return value.
  • f745350 fixed case.
  • bb726d5 Grammar fixes
  • ceab9f1 Removed incorrect usage of @deprecated phpDoc
  • 8679c5c Fix test
  • 43d359b Make referer() behave as expected.