CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.3.3

  • c19e3d0 Update version number to 2.3.3
  • db6dd18 Fixing case where it was possible to pass array data to FormAuthenticate fields
  • e144afe Fix Vendor/bin/cake not working when installing CakePHP with composer.
  • 993ec1f Fixed some typos in core.php
  • baadaec Fixed some typos in core.php
  • ef90850 Removing extra whitespace, phpcs fix
  • dbc2a7a correct spelling mistake
  • 48fa358 Remove leftover param that is now wrongly triggering "strict"
  • 77feac9 Second parameter of ClassRegistry::init() is a boolean, not a string
  • 880c70c No use of type key in ClassRegistry::init()
  • 62660c6 Re-assign $db after beforeSave.
  • c2c0964 Uncomment test.
  • 64da4e7 Remove silly code.
  • f6c3015 Add additional tests and fix incorrect meridian selection
  • 78ea4da Add test for time input with interval on first hour of the day
  • 842b180 add assert that habtm save does not return false
  • efd86a4 Do type checks when looking for models in Controller::$uses.
  • 63b392a Improve error message.
  • 0f3d28c Fix condition parsing in mysql specific cases.
  • 3680ee0 Add some docs for cookies.
  • 4d8dd12 Add support for key => value cookies.
  • d01d291 Remove unused define.
  • 8eb5696 Remove remaining reference operators.
  • 247d836 Remove useless reference operator.
  • ba56fb7 Fixed issue where incorrect cached filesize was reported when appending to file.
  • ed43587 Fix secure field lists when select elements have custom name attributes.
  • 8bd1980 DateTime::getTimestamp() is PHP5.3+
  • 548cccb "maxlength" is not a valid attribute for input element of type "number" in html5.
  • b210849 Expand doc blocks for Model::query()
  • c77c7a7 Fix warning with FormHelper::inputs()
  • 0e646a2 Fix incorrect timestamp values when using fromString()
  • da2f066 Replace node.js with lighthttpd to avoid socket exceptions