CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.2.0

  • 4b3a8ea Update version number to 2.2.0
  • 87677e4 Fix possible notice errors.
  • 7d93c57 Use the diff style provided by PHPUnit in the webrunner.
  • 476209d Changing docs in CakeRequest:accepts() as they were misleading, you are required to pass a correct mimetype and not an alias
  • 93123a8 Change "create" to "edit" since said view and layout file already exist in app now.
  • 76f9317 Tweaked Validation::extension()
  • ad53458 Refactor tests.
  • 3f78216 Revert changes in behavior made to timeAgoInWords()
  • eb7b66b Revert default value of allowEmpty.
  • b2ccdd4 Fixed test failing when server's timezone is not UTC
  • 503bc06 Mark fixtures as created if they exist.
  • ecdf0e6 Optimization for Hash method
  • 3e28326 Fix Controller::beforeRedirect() and array return.
  • 35e0984 Fix fatal error when E_STRICT is enabled.
  • db7d542 CakeTime no longer sets the timezone out of its scope on the date object
  • e2781a5 Fix whitespace error.
  • b913fe5 better error message in MissingConnectionException when driver is not enabled
  • 13077a8 Add tests for previous commit.
  • a7ef245 Added 'helpers' to _applyConfig.
  • eb40566 Re-add the sort option
  • 058f48f Showing the list of shells grouped by plugin
  • 55f3cbe remove unneeded line
  • 71112d1 No need to create new instance of ModelValidator when one is already created
  • 60c611f Parse rules in getField()