CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.10.7

  • 41e3bd8 Update version number to 2.10.7
  • 2a14e65 Fixed: use $var === null instead of is_null($var)
  • d3d0501 Uncountable null convert to array(), revert ControllerTask::bake() signature for backward compatibility.
  • 88c015f exclude PHP7.2 + PHPUnit 3.7.33
  • e1897a8 Pass PaginatorComponentTest::testPaginateExtraParams()
  • 7099c9d Fix Multibyte::strtolower()
  • aa14c68 Fix some count() Error in PHP 7.2
  • f4315d8 When the PHP version is 7.2 or higher `ini_set('session.save_handler', 'user')` can't be executed, so delete.
  • 701519c Execute CakeSession::destroy() on a tearDown with implicit use session test
  • f07d193 Travis CI Allow failure: PHP7.2 + mysql + PHPUnit3.7
  • 1769df7 remove cannot run test matrix: PHPUnit 3.7 + PHP7.2
  • de07192 2.x Build with PHP7.2
  • 400d45f fix code style
  • 74a8611 [2.x]Fix can't load aliased component on ControllerTestCase
  • d2c4bf2 Buffer contents of HtmlReporter.
  • 0f51c75 replaced vsprintf to implode
  • 7ae84e3 Makes the cache key shorter by using md5()