CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.10.6

  • 51206d7 Update version number to 2.10.6
  • 340059b Check model names for bad characters as well.
  • a9618f6 Use a permitted list instead of a ban list.
  • fba7f1c Fix Phpdoc for CakeObject::log()
  • f66dec8 Make postConditions() less permissive.
  • 6ad3094 Fix CS
  • 9f65402 Fix CakeRequest::referer(true) returning scheme-relative URLs
  • eaf7454 Clarify migration path to 3.x
  • 4ae9f13 Fix 'order' not working with a single expressions
  • e824346 extra fix
  • 94e06df add unit test
  • 5695fef fixes #11468
  • d7b9e55 Fix indent
  • c437efd Improved documentation
  • 05954ff Consistency changes
  • 4faac8e Improved readability
  • bc1678c Add option to make `_validAgentAndTime` 3.x compatible
  • a2cc984 added missing ob_end_flush() call