CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.10.13

  • 33ac2b2 Update version number to 2.10.13
  • 85cc215 Improve documentation
  • 3c9d468 Improve documentation
  • 527b9fe Improve documentation
  • e825823 Improve documentation
  • ffde7ee Don't break UNC file paths
  • b975309 Improve documentation
  • 8e8fbae Improve documentation
  • 23e38ae limiting the regex to consume only words in default value in PostgreSQL after :: added tests showing the old behavior was broken.
  • 59fe9f5 Augment docblock for `Hash::combine()`
  • d7b5cda Fix PHP 5.3 syntax
  • a7a49c5 Fix syntax
  • 1a62c14 Improve handling of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default value
  • 4aa0df8 Fix tests to run when database name is not cakephp_test
  • 34bfeba Fixes failing tests
  • 013ecc3 Rebuilds the solution
  • 1fca92f Fixes issue raised by @garas
  • af516ee Cleanup fix
  • 8e7bc77 Combine variable defaults
  • a4e71b3 Fixes: