CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.10.12

  • 29f89c5 Update version number to 2.10.12
  • e13d44b Initialize $map to empty array
  • df1c25f Fix documentation of resultSet method
  • 2aa8fac Fix resultSet() method signature
  • c5d78b6 Remove duplicate connect method from the unit test stub
  • 290bcce Add missing method definitions
  • 957b4e5 Move declaration of $map to DboSource
  • f768689 Improve documentation
  • 5105c49 Improve documentation
  • a05c09c Improve code style
  • e56452b Improve code style
  • f5bf22e Do not unset $this->fixtures
  • 0e02af0 Move unset to the proper place
  • 727aac1 Move unset to the proper place
  • cb23bf9 Remove whitespace
  • b45fe02 Unset more properties to free more memory
  • dbbc840 Free some memory in unit tests
  • 8bfdcdb Free some memory in unit tests
  • d292a83 Avoid undefined index: null (update action)
  • 4949136 Restore property deleted by accident
  • 377cd09 Fix param documentation in App::import
  • c44113a code style
  • 44c0d73 code style
  • 8c3982b fixes #11424 Enchament to email class error message
  • ca59191 Avoid undefined index: null
  • a58eb70 added tests
  • 1aa0108 Issue #12376
  • 9185fb1 fixes Error: Class 'PHP_CodeCoverage' not found error