CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 2.10.1

  • 95e0a21 Update version number to 2.10.1
  • 8f92a87 remove extra whitespace
  • 3816191 Address CakeEmail regression when data is defined with no mimetype
  • 7c2ad08 Clean up formatting.
  • 06712ab Try precise instead of trusty.
  • ddcca8c removed vendor autoload
  • 0974f7b Fix db credentials.
  • 83a7b7b Fix vendors dir.
  • b7b9b06 Use localhost not
  • 51b48c9 Fix path.
  • 4bd49ee Attempt to fix travis for 2.x
  • cd6fba1 Revert "Takes into account the current recursive value in deleteAll()."
  • 5765f4e adjusted phpunit version in composer config
  • 7dae9e2 improved loading of composer autoload
  • 31489a7 Adjusted phpunit version in composer.json
  • 5e92034 improved code style
  • 15f0fe3 Fixed PHPUnit 5.7 warnings
  • 7ba52d0 Fixed code style.
  • 93696b6 Fixed indefinite loop in getMock().
  • eefd3ac adapter for the getMock() depricated in phpunit