CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 1.3.6

  • 4c33375 Updating version numbers for 1.3.6
  • 76a80c2 Fixing failing test caused by name() being able to quote things better now.
  • a146782 Fixing wrong assertion in test for CakeTestCase::testAction. Fixing testAction issue that would always include layout
  • e8678b3 Adding specific conditions to model->delete's call to dbo->delete. This helps fix a race condition where dbo->defaultConditions could cause additional data loss. Fixes #250
  • bc7770a removing useless calls to mapActions()
  • e431e86 Fixing issue found by Felix Wilhelm(flxm) where users could send potentially dangerous or corrupted serialized objects to SecurityComponent, potentially allowing manipulation of file map caches. Test case added.
  • eb76ab9 Fixed issue where Model::saveAll() would incorrectly commit a transaction which was not started in that function call itself.
  • 268dae7 Reverting change from [16387f196191c5cb942f887f05456cb439944f41]. Using the constant caused a number of issues for several other people. Refs #1231
  • d56b812 Fixing issue where an array to string conversion error could occur if you had multiple values for a model's primary key and you created a matching form. Tests added. Fixes #1257
  • 81ce6f4 Added test cases showing usage of 'full_base' key for url generation. Refs #1256
  • d1403b0 Changing NumberHelper::currency() to format < 1euro based on the suggestions from 'Joel Haasnoot'. Instead of 99c you will get €0,99. Test cases updated. Fixes #1253
  • 2403d7f Applying updates to skel/core.php. Fixes #1255
  • 3dc1f6e Fixed the minutes into seconds for session timeout Fixes #1255
  • e6aeae8 Fixing issue where value in difference array was always the string value instead of the original value.
  • b86bec1 Removing dead code in EmailComponent. Fixes #1248
  • 086cf27 Applying doc block changes to app/config/core.php as well. Fixes #1138
  • 18bffe8 Applying doc block changes from 'teknoid'. Fixes #1239
  • f29bb56 Adding a test for saving blank fields on a model. Closes #1243.
  • f5fd069 Applying patch from 'Justas Butkus' to fix CakeSchema::compare()
  • 16387f1 Applying patch from 'Utoxin' that removes hardcoded 'app' string from Dispatcher. Fixes #1231
  • 3639f52 Adding a test for containable modifying return. Refs #1219
  • bc3a9e8 Removing a dot at the end of a message in mission_action.ctp because there is no dot in the same message in all other errors view, this can help for traductors
  • 9f2d33a meta characters don't match on regex string
  • 23f1c8e Fix regex match when regex included meta characters
  • 4496a0a Reformatting code to use tabs. Fixing issue with float comparison. Fixes #219
  • b8f0dda Updating to match ticket, using radians() SQL function.
  • a429287 Adding testcase for ticket #219
  • d3e0ddb Update copyright years.
  • 141b05e Updated copyright years in skel aplication template